Swap Your Boring Meals With Taco Bell

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Starting 16th May to 20th May from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, fans in India will be able to swap their ordinary meals for a craveable Taco Bell taco — all part of the brand’s international ‘Taco Swap’ campaign across 25+ markets.

Whether it’s lackluster lunches or dull dinners, Taco Bell is disrupting what it means to have a less-than-exciting meal with the opportunity to swap the mundane for something más exciting: a Taco Bell taco! Taco Bell is here to help fire up meals again by (theoretically) swapping out the same old burger, pizza, or fries for a fun, fiery Taco Bell taco.

For those looking for a sign to have one of Taco Bell’s famous tacos, look no further. Taco Bell is inviting fans to swap any ideas of a sad lunch for a Taco Bell taco. By finding the nearest Taco Bell and visiting during lunch hours, consumers can redeem a Crunchy Taco starting on 16th May to 20th May by dine-in or take away from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. The Crunchy Taco is a signature product available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants, served with chef-recommended Pinto Beans & Spicy Ranch Sauce.


Talking about the campaign, Gaurav Burman, director, of Burman Hospitality, Taco Bell’s Master Franchise Partner in India said, “Over the years, Taco Bell has created a distinct identity amongst the Indian audience and today, we have a loyal community of taco-lovers across the country. With the Taco Swap campaign, we aim to deepen consumer engagement and encourage consumers to swap their meals for a free taco during lunch hours. We believe that this campaign will help us induce trials for our Mexican-inspired delicacies and make way into the consumers’ hearts, one taco at a time.”

Taco Swap is the continuation of Taco Bell’s first global marketing campaign, ‘#ISEEATACO’ which began with Taco Moon in May 2021. Taco Bell invites consumers to continue to see tacos everywhere. During this time, boring, plain meals won’t stand a chance and can easily be “traded” for Taco Bell’s flavorful tacos.

Taco Swap giveaways will take place in 25+ markets, and at participating restaurants for a limited time.


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