Switch Wellness For A Holistic Bengaluru

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It’s not always enough to meditate for 20 minutes or take a sweaty HIIT class in order to reframe your mental and physical health. When you retreat into a place that offers physical, psychological, and spiritual support to your desire for change, it’s easier to break free from long-held habits and shift your mindset.

Those are the reasons wellness retreats are so important. With a combination of unique amenities, expert staff, and locations that can range from spacious and luxurious to remote and minimal, they assist in physical or mental transformation. Whether you’re looking for sensory deprivation tanks or hydrotherapy circuits, wellness centers have it all. They even have structured weight-loss programs and remote meditation experiences. It’s just a matter of choosing one that speaks to you and carving out the time to begin your journey. Switch Wellness is a start-up wellness brand, conceptualized and incorporated in Sadashivanagar, Bangalore that takes a progressive approach to a holistic lifestyle.


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Switch Wellness is an ultimate fitness destination, with personal fitness instructors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and state of art equipment under one roof. They believe in understanding one’s mind, body, and lifestyle in-depth to be able to provide solutions. Switch is on a mission to make fitness relaxing and refreshing for everyone irrespective of age or lifestyle. With a wide range of programs from nutrition plans to Yoga classes to massages that nourish one’s body and mind alike, they have something for everyone. 

When asked what is with the name, Abhishek Chatterjee, General Manager said, “At Switch, we believe in helping others to help themselves and others, which requires more than just workout or nutrition plans. It requires a complete switch from one’s existing lifestyle, for better mental health, physical health, and overall wellness. Hence the name Switch Wellness.”


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Switch Wellness has plans to open more branches in the future. As they are currently stepping out from the COVID19 situation, they will slowly be working towards expanding their brand in the years to come.

The brand plans to start a Mind simulation service, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, and Cafeteria in the near future. 

Saarika at Switch Wellness, analyzing Handwriting.

As the fitness industry is on the rise after the COVID-19 situation, the vision for Switch Wellness is to be a one-stop transformation place for every individual for both mental and physical aspects. They plan to will provide both physiological and psychological wellness programs, along with luxurious spa services. Furthermore, they also plan on providing delicious but healthy food, through their cafe, which will be opening soon, with the suggestions of a nutritionist. 


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