The Studs Sports Bar Brings Back the 90’s Vibe  

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In the 1960s, a sports bar in Buffalo forever changed the menu in these establishments by luring sports fans with delicious and budget-friendly food options such as chicken wings and sandwiches. It wasn’t until 1979, that America greeted the first modern sports bar. In the ’80s and ’90s in Bangalore, all the college-going kids had just one kind of a place to go to.  A sports bar!

The party culture was just setting in and it used to be difficult for people to find a partner to go a pub with because stag entry cost a bomb and moreover stags weren’t much allowed. Everyone will not have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, right? So, these sports bars pulled the crowd. Foosball table, billiards table, bar games, and TV screens along with lots of beer and bar bites pulled in the Bangalore crowd.

Since the last ten years, the sports bar culture has faded out in Bangalore. The Millennials and the Gen Zs are quite used to the fancy cafes, restaurants, dance floors, and restro bars. Studs Sports Bar has now come to the rescue of the disappearing sports bars culture in Bangalore. The Studs Sports Bar and Grill brings the long-lost sports bar feel and vibe back to Bangalore.

Street Food Focused Menu
Chicken Kickers

The Studs is paired well with some delectable bar food.  From street food to fast food, to Pan Asian cuisine, and, of course, grills, almost every aspect of food is covered in the menu. There’s also all the favorite bar food, along with all the famous brews and taps from the city. 

As part of its theme, The Stud’s menu aims to satisfy the tastes of a variety of clients. The “Diner” experience, and actual ‘finger licking’ old fashioned dishes, are all available, from finger food to munchies to ‘share and care’ platters. Global street food is mainly the inspiration since everyone likes to eat it during sports or over a conversation. You will be impressed by the many types of Chicken Wings they make with their own special masalas. The dishes also have a homey feel to them. I also highly recommend the desserts. Tanmoy Savardekar, a well-known figure in the Bangalore food community, has curated The Studs Menu.

Herb Crusted Fish
For all ages

Whether you’re a teenager, an adult, or a kid, The Studs will have live screenings of all sports from football, tennis, Formula 1, and of course Cricket. Everyone has a ringside seat thanks to the placement of the TV screens.  The bar features the classic pool table at the center of one section where customers can unwind and indulge, as well as other active sports offerings like dartboards and play stations.

With Mixologist and Partner Abhilash Menon creating his unique concoctions, the bar will also be an experience like no other. The cocktails at The Studs are sure to be something special.

Located in a very relaxing environment, where there are open-air areas and patches of greenery, the Studs offers a very relaxing atmosphere. Among other events, The Studs is planning Unplugged Nights, Screenings, Beer Games, and Pool Table and Playstation Tournaments in the near future.

Malwani Masala Chicken Wings

Venue: The Studs Sports Bar & Grill, 72 Outer Ring Road, 3rd Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India 560078

Timings: 12 Noon – 1 AM

For reservations: +91 96206 85031/8867803791 

Valet Parking Available




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