The Tribe Concepts Launches Their Mini Masking Kit 

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Bengaluru: The Tribe Concepts, India’s first plant-based hair, and skincare brand has become synonymous with the time-tested beliefs of Ayurveda. Always pushing boundaries the brand has come up with Mini Masking Kits that feature their bestselling masks in powder forms such as Face Brightening Daily Cleanser, Exotic Face Glow Mask, and Collagen Boosting Mask along with zero waste tool – Bamboo bristle application brush. True to their ethos the box is sustainability personified with plastic-free packaging, ethical sourcing, and manufacturing practices. 

The Tribe Concepts has once again brought to focus ingredients such as Himalayan Shilajit which is a herb that has had its origins in South Asia for over 3000 years and is known to have healing and anti-aging properties.  Similarly, Ashwagandha, Kasturi Manjal, Babchi, etc are found either in the great Himalayas, lush Indian forests, or the deep blue Indian seas and are a treasure trove of Ayurveda. 

On the launch of these Mini Masking Kits, Amritha Gaddam, Founder & CEO of The Tribe Concepts said to The Balcony Stories, “I am very excited as we launch the Mini Masking Kits which harness the power of Ayurveda. Depending on your requirement or simply your mood you can choose to mask in either the Face Brightening Daily Cleanser, Exotic Face Glow Mask, or Collagen Boosting Mask. Each of them harnesses the power of Indian Ingredients, Sustainability, and Native Tribal Practices and our goal is to bring ancient wisdom to the modern world. 

The Tribe Concepts strongly believes in the power of the ancient science of Ayurveda and pure Indian ingredients. Combining the two, the Brand carefully curates hair and skin care products that solve specific problems and offer amazing results. Since its launch in 2019, The Tribe Concepts has launched many unique products and will continue persistent efforts in innovating conscious and sustainable hair and skincare essentials. 

Founded in 2019, The Tribe Concepts is a thoroughly modern and all-natural range of hair and skincare products inspired by Ayurveda. They aim to provide natural alternatives for hair and skincare by bringing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to the modern world. Their unique formulations are 100% organic, chemical, and preservative free and hence are in the form of powders and cold-pressed oil. 

Finding the roots in the Godavari Belt of India, every single ingredient that goes into our steel tins and glass bottles finds its source in a pollution-free environment. The purity of ingredients is paramount for The Tribe Concepts. Each of their ingredients is sustainably sourced from tribal valleys of India where the soil is untampered and the air is as pure as it gets. They go the extra mile to care for the planet with plastic-free packaging, zero chemical usage, and ethical practices as a token of gratitude for mother nature. 

The Tribe Concepts has always advocated the ‘women in business’ notion whilst giving support to women at all levels – from handpicking the ingredients to shaping up the products, women have been a quintessential part of our journey. They are extremely proud to have 80% of The Tribe Concepts’ team and board as women. 


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