This Diwali, Go Vegan With Cruelty Free Paraben Free Makeup

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Bengaluru: Step into a world of beauty that not only enhances your radiance but also aligns with compassion and ethical choices. This Diwali, let your glamour shine guilt-free with our curated list of vegan and cruelty-free makeup products, free from the shackles of parabens. Embrace a celebration of lights that illuminates not only your spirit but also the path towards a more conscious and sustainable beauty regimen. In this listicle, we unveil a collection of luscious lip shades, dazzling eye shadows, and flawless foundations that not only make you look good but feel good too. Join The Balcony Stories in the movement to redefine beauty standards and make this Diwali a radiant, compassionate, and paraben-free affair.

Type Beauty

Pigmented lips: Go grab 3 shades in the Light Up Lipstick, the perfect creamy matte lipstick infused with Vitamin C and Niacinamide to help brighten your lips by almost 5% in just 14 days.
Dry Dehydrated Lips: Get 3 shades in the Soak It Lipstick! Its the perfect creamy matte formula that plumps and deeply hydrates the lips with the power of squalane and tripeptides to truly lock in that moisture. That promises a 25% increase in lip hydration after application.
The most gorgeous shades that are made to make your natural lips even more delicious with time.

Fix My Curls 

1..2..3..4..5 steps to find your haircare besties this Diwali! If you have curly/wavy or unmanageable hair, they have an easy step by step process for you to follow to achieve your desired hair goals.

Flossy Cosmetics

This Diwali get their revolutionary lightweight bundle of lipstick & gloss. It is a dreamy formula.

Conscious Chemist  

Elevate your skincare routine with our dynamic duo: a potent multi-solution moisturizer and a rejuvenating cleanser. Immerse yourself in the essence of long-lasting hydration and effective cleansing, both powered by the magic of snail mucin extract. This harmonious pair addresses an array of skin concerns, delivering care and recovery in every use. Experience the radiant beauty that unfolds with this extraordinary combination.

La Mior  

The Glistening Eyes Liquid Eyeshadow, which are available in 9 sets, in a set of 3 coherent shades (Matte, Shimmer & Glitter) weightless & crease-proof liquid eyeshadow trio stack that features one matte eyeshadow, one light-reflecting micro-glitter eyeshadow and one multidimensional prismatic glitter eyeshadow to create a versatile range of looks. 

Friday Feeling 

Friday Feeling created Second Nature to feel just like skin so sunscreen truly becomes your Second Nature. A skincare that is science focused and still fun, instantly melts over the face, it balances the texture of the skin while finishing with a dash of radiance.

i baeuty 

An Indie all-rounder serum with natural skin tint and extracts of pure plant botanicals story revamp your skin health optimally! A formula that literally sinks into the skin and while you adorn your best-fit skin on the outside. Step into the enchanting world of IBaeuty,with its Tintsome Massaging Serum which is an everyday saviour, an all rounder, genderless, and mindfully curated that refine skin texture, heals sun damage, re-installs skin youth, and gives you a tint by adjusting with the pH of your skin.
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