Why Not Some Beer-Infused Sourdough Pizzas?

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So now shall we forget the regular pizzas? Because Sourdough Pizzas are in town. Yeah, you heard me right. Sourdough pizzas! Byg Brewski Brewing Company combines the best of worlds, their legendary brews, and an incredibly versatile sourdough – to create nine new beer-infused sourdough pizzas. Introducing Byg Brewizza at Byg Brewski, Hennur, and Sarjapur!

These sourdough pizzas are authentic Neapolitan style and had won the hearts of the British Army sometime back. Sourdoughs are very unpredictable, and for starters, it is a game-changer as they are susceptible to their environment. And, with a beer in it, you can imagine the worth. It is definitely a challenge, though.

Promising a mouthful of delectable pizzas with airy and soft rims from the mother of all dough – the sourdough – and their fan-favorite beers, these ‘Brewizzas’ are ambassadors of good times on a plate. Whether it is experimentation that sparks your fancy or craving something that transports you to the streets of Naples, this experience is the one you cannot afford to miss!

When asked about the inspiration behind Byg Brewizza, Chef Sandeep said, “As a Chef, I find the concept of cooking with fresh brews quite interesting, even more so when it is our in-house brews. The entire idea of Sourdough has fascinated me for a long time – the exciting process of making a sourdough pizza always enticed me. To make things more challenging and unique, we tried it with our legendary Byg beers. After numerous trials with various kinds of flours and beers, we finally with this intriguing recipe with BygWeizen beer.

“Since sourdough doesn’t rely on commercial yeast, it is filled with enzymes that make the digestion of sugars and proteins easier. This is because sourdough is generally not cooked all the way through, thus leaving these enzymes active. Plus, fermentation from lactobacillus ensures that complex carbohydrates like beans and vegetables are digested appropriately, resulting in wonderful implications on overall health. Sourdough bread is also more aromatic and rich in flavor. This makes it the perfect yin to the yang of the other pizza ingredients like toppings, cheeses, and sauces,” said Sandeep when asked how healthy beer-infused sourdough was.

“Each of our Byg Brewizzas is 11-inch hand-stretched pizzas with gourmet cheese varieties and toppings that two people can easily enjoy. However, please do note that these pizzas are very light and digest easily, therefore making it ideal for having one pizza by yourself if you are dining for a longer time,” he added.


Caprini Brewizza will help you find yourself teleported to the streets of Italy, with an aroma of goat cheese creating the perfect melody with sundried tomato pesto, prunes, Arugula, and walnuts filling your senses – this is European vacation on a plate.

Smokey Eggplant

This Brewizza is an Italian secret with a slathering of tomato sauce and a generous topping of smokey crushed eggplants, roasted peppers, feta, and almonds.

Five Cheese

This beer-infused sourdough pizza is made with incredible cream cheese, Mozzarella, Emmenthal Cheese, Blue Cheese, and Parmesan. Very light and crispy!

Triple Mushroom

Topped with in-house special tomato sauce, a trio of the most delectable mushrooms sautéed with thyme and the magical Byg Triple Beer, finished with a drizzle of Truffle oil. You don’t want to miss this.

Ranch Chicken

This creation is from slow-cooked garlic ranch chicken, asparagus Jalapeno and Yoghurt drizzle.


This Brewizza has bacon, eggs, cheese sauce, and parmesan in it.


Buff has the in-house magical tomato sauce and is topped with glazed mustard beef, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes.

Smoky Porky

As the name suggests, this pizza has the in-house special smoked pork complemented by caramelized onions, scallions, and British Cheddar.

Seafood Marinara

This is a perfect pizza for summertime with its calamari, prawns, and fish toppings on a spicy tomato sauce along with Parmesans wonder!

You can gorge on these brewizzas until April 30, 2021.


Where? Byg Brewski Brewing Company, Hennur Baglur Road, Bengaluru 560077


Byg Brewski, Sarjapur road, before Wipro Corporate Office, Bengaluru

Contact: (080-46809796)





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