Why Waste Your Steps When You Can Get Rewarded For It With StepSetGo

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Have you ever thought that every step you take could earn you rewards? Yes, that’s now possible with StepSetGo, an innovative fitness app that not only makes workouts challenging but also fun. If you’d like to be active but find it difficult to find inspiration, the SSG app will get you started. Founded by Shivjeet Ghatge, Misaal Turakhia, and Abhay Pai; and inspired by an underutilized gym membership; StepSetGo is a creation that motivates people to keep active and not give up after a few months. To facilitate this school of thought, they have integrated several features to keep working out satisfying, while also keeping it difficult enough to rouse people to reach their fitness goals.

StepSetGo App tracks how many steps a user takes each day and rewards them with coins that can be spent in the bazaar section. The app saw a promise here and went for it with both guns blazing! Three months into the app being live, they were getting 30-35,000 downloads a day, without any marketing whatsoever, and that served as an affirmation that StepSetGo is a winner. To add to that, StepSetGo won the AatmaNirbhar Bharat Innovation Challenge in the health and fitness category and even managed to cross Aarogya Setu in user engagement. If the SSG User Base were a city, it would be the third most populous after Mumbai and Delhi. StepSetGo is a ground-breaking fitness app that encourages, pushes, and stimulates users to pursue their fitness goals. If you download the SSG app, you can earn a StepSetGo coin for every thousand steps you take. Over time, these coins can be accumulated to use in the app bazaar to claim products and discounts. Shivjeet Ghatge, one of the co-founders claims that the concept is to maximize coins for customers so they may take advantage of not just discounts but also a variety of goods and, as a result, keep themselves engaged in fitness.

The app engagement, which currently has 9 million users and is anticipated to increase to 11 million by 2023, demonstrates a similar trend. The innovation in engagement, where you receive 0.01 coins for every 10 steps, is another factor in the game’s appeal. Even though there is a daily cap on the number of coins that can be acquired, you can still find ways to level up. Here’s how! The StepSetGo app has five levels, starting with level 1 and going all the way up to level 5. Your ability to acquire rewards rises with each level. By taking 5000 steps per day, a user can win up to 5 coins. Except for level one, where you can advance one level on the same day, you will be promoted to the following level if you exceed your daily cap of maximum coins for three days in a row. When you advance to the next level, you can earn up to 10 coins every day. If you continue in this mode, you can earn up to 30 coins per day when you reach level 5. The levels have a safe limit, so if you don’t make it past it, you will be down to the level you were at before.

You have 30 days after joining StepSetGo to finish various tasks and earn an additional 245 coins. Not only that, but you also make money while your friend exercises. Bring five of your friends to StepSetGo, and stand the chance of earning five more coins. You will also receive five coins for each referral that reaches 5000 steps. Visit the app bazaar to redeem the coins, where you may exchange them for a variety of rewards, gifts, and subscriptions. You may even be eligible to win free products and coupons; including iPhone, Fitbit, smartwatches, and other items. Getting in shape has never been this encouraging and rewarding before – so if you want to get into shape you have always aspired, now is your chance. So don’t waste your steps, instead, get rewarded for them with StepSetGo. Just download the App, let it track your steps and calories, and redeem the coins for some fantastic rewards every month.

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